The goal of our software creation process is to allow us to meet our client’s goals the best we can, while keeping good quality of code practices and meeting deadlines. We modify the process based on specific client’s needs.

Full control and safety
Our code provides extra safety for the system and allows us to create solutions which are independent of a framework.
We have full rights to our code, which allows our clients to use it without restrictions.

Each project we create is fully documented.
Since our systems are compatible with popular solutions and frameworks, there’s a big base of developers who can create modifications and new features for systems we create.

Components we use in our projects are always plugged to testing solutions and are checked for standards.
This guarantees that all modules can closely cooperate and that high code standards are being kept.

Comprehensive solutions
Our experience allows us to lead your project from planning phase to release. We also provide business and marketing advice when needed. We took part in development of hundrets of projects, including internal commercial projects.