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What do we do?

We run a project that allows everyone to take part in the most demanding regatta in the world. We have to our credit: Sydney-Hobart Race 2014, Middle Sea Race 2016, Fastnet Campaign 2017 and IRC European Championship 2018.

Now we invite You to take part in adventure on board of our racing yacht (Reichl Pugh 48) called Selma Racing.

The team you are going to sail with, is a mixture of professional sailors experienced in offshore and inshore, fleet racing and match racing as well as amateurs and novices who are eager to train and learn. We are focused on gaining more experience and coaching enthusiasts of yacht racing.

Our concept

Selma Racing has a unique approach to yacht racing.

We love yacht racing. Our team is a mixture of professionals and amateurs who are going to start on our own racing yacht in the most prestigious races like: Fastnet, Cowes Week or Round Britain & Ireland. Team spirit, improving our skills and passion of living an adventure is what defines Selma Racing. On board of our yacht you will experience them all.

Team spirit
Team spirit is what makes people work together, train and help each other in order to achieve our goal. We pay big attention to keep all crewmembers feel as one team. You will be involved in all the aspects of teamwork, manoeuvres and race strategy. Being one crew is essential for us.

Improving skills
We believe that taking part in yacht race is the best exam for every sailor. It’s a unique opportunity to develop your sailing skills. We are looking for people who are keen on high level competition and are willing to train and learn from the best. You will feel the spirit of healthy rivalry and you will meet professional sailors who will help you make your dream to take part in great races come true.

Passion, challenge and adventure
Sailing is a way of life for us. We invite you to live this adventure with us. Only thing we expect from you is commitment and willingness to do something unique. It can often be very demanding but at the same time extremely rewarding.

Why to Sail with us?

We want to make possible for everyone who’s ambitious and keen on sport and sailing to participate in race or learn more about sailing and handling the boat. We are offering you a chance to gain experience sailing together with professional sailors. Sailing on board of Selma Racing means competing in race and being 100% involved in action. You won’t be treated as a passenger but a crewmemeber of this unique racing crew.

Our yacht

High performance racing machine!

s/y Selma Racing was designed by Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design, an American company with an outstanding reputation for creating some of the most innovative and beautiful performance yachts in the last 20 years.

Selma Racing is a fast, safe and highly competitive racing yacht. With a carbon hull and rig, wide open stern typical for modern boats, long bowsprit, 6 headsails and 6 spinnakers, Selma Racing guarantees a lot of fun and excitement.

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