Yacht Racing

Taking part in yacht race is the best exam for every sailor. It’s a unique opportunity to develop your sailing skills.

We want to introduce you to yacht racing which for us means:

– Building a crew capable of working together to perform at its best
– Improving each crewmember’s skills
– Feeling a thrill of high level competition
– Competing in premier sailing events

We will practice all manoeuvres such as tacking, gybing, hoisting and dropping all sails including the tricky art of spinnaker handling. We will teach you how to behave and act on this kind of yacht which is a racing yacht. You will be involved in all the aspects of managing the yacht and race strategy. So this will be also an opportunity to extend your knowledge of tactics and navigation.

Our goal is that each crew member is able to make a valuable contribution to the team effort. We want you to feel that we are making progress thanks to your commitment and attitude to racing.

Our programme includes most prestigious races like: Fastnet, Cowes Week or Round Britain & Ireland. But there are always a variety of smaller races and events for someone who wants to taste what is a yacht racing on a high performance yacht.