Ocean Freeride

OFX series

Ocean Freeride OFX series anchors are designed to offer ultimate strength, security and reliability. Their large surface area in relation to the ground provides an immense holding force on soft types of seabed. Its unique design allows quick and deep penetration on hard surfaces.

Our anchors come in a foldable version which makes them ideal as a main, or second anchor. It only takes a few minutes to assemble, the parts take up little space, and even our largest anchors can be moved by one person. Our anchors are made of the highest quality AISI 316L stainless steel and are available in all sizes from 16kg to 250kg. Larger sizes are available on request.
To the biggest pros of OFX series anchors belong great hold, no matter to seabed type, strength and reliability. Opposite to traditional plough anchors which have tendency to being dragged on side OFX series anchors have special designed roll-bar, that always keeps anchor in proper penetrating position. It is designed so it self-deploys and self-recover in the majority of bow-rollers.
-Great hold in any type of seabed
-Available in easy to assemble foldable version
-Roll-bar that keeps anchor in proper penetrating position
-Self-deploying and self-recovering
-Available in all sizes from 16kg to 250+kg
-Product of Poland

Highly durable bearing blocks. In connection with the ever-changing types of ropes in use, we offer the possibility to adapt existing units to new operating conditions. We can design and make new tracks for existing frames to keep your tried and tested configuration of rigging.
Individually designed
Made of steel 316L
Stainless bearings
Track shape adapted to the type of cable (dyneema, steel, etc.)
The size and load capacity to be determined with user
Product of Poland

Our waterproof sailing bags are ideal for storing laptops, cameras or other types of electronics when on a boat. Additionally, they are the perfect choice for storing ropes and hawsers. Using the two strong straps provide easy mounting on board and are comfortable to carry as a backpack. In case of falling overboard, they can be used as an emergency flotation device that will hold more than one person above water.

  • Waterproof and gas tight
  • Capacity of 100 liters after closing
  • Very light and durable material
  • Possible to comfortably carry as backpack
  • 6 strong mountings (1 internal, for easy long ropes storage)
  • 2 long cargo straps to be used for fixing on board, car, horse, etc.
  • Inflating valve, for use as a buoy
  • Product of Poland

Our services

Ocean Freeride has been operating since 2010 in the field of technical advisory and production of equipment for ships and yachts. Our solutions are continuously proven in the toughest conditions on seas all around the world.

Boat transfering

We can carry out sailing yacht or motorboat of any size anywhere in the world. We have skilled sailors and engineers, who can also oversee repairs and renovations.
Logistics and technical support

We specialize in sailboat construction and design advisory. We can help You choose the most adequate equipment for your boat and design the rigging system.

Expedition planning

With extensive experience and a wide range of contacts we organize expeditions that combine sailing and extreme sports like paragliding, skiing, climbing and motocross.