Sail a high performance racing yacht

Taking part in yacht race is the best exam for every sailor

– Skills improvement
– A thrill of high level competition
– Competing in premier sailing events

Our goal is to build a crew capable of working together to perform at its best so that each crew member is able to make a valuable contribution to the team effort. We want you to feel that we are making progress thanks to your commitment and attitude to racing. 

Races in 2019

Fast cruises in 2019

Race calendar

Season 2019  

Races/Voyages Availability Dates
Voyage Helsinki – Oxelosund  9/9 20 – 23 June
Gotland Runt (AF Offshore Race) 6/8 24 June – 4 July
Voyage Oxelosund – Kołobrzeg 6/9 6-9 July
Voyage Rostock – Cowes 9/9 15-22 July
Mileage qualification (Kołobrzeg – Rostock)
RORC Channel Race
5/8 2-9 August
11-14 July
25-28 July
Cowes Week
Training weekend (Gdańsk)
8/8 10-16 August
10-12 May
Voyage Cowes – Gdańsk  9/9  18-25 August