Fastnet Race 2019

The Fastnet Race is the world’s most famous and numerous offshore race. Up to 400 yachts can be expected at the start of a race.  The 600 Nm classic offshore has been held every two years since 1925. The organizer is the famous Royal Ocean Racing Club. In 2019 the race will be held for the 48th time.


Fastnet Campaign 2019

We train hard. We want to be fully prepared to be as competitive as possible. Formally we are required by organiser RORC to sail 300 miles on the same yacht together. Therefore we will do a practice voyage on Baltic Sea and Channel Race from Cowes prior to the start of the race plus sea survival training.

The training
We will practice all manoeuvres such as tacking and gybing, hoisting and dropping all sails including the tricky art of spinnaker handling. We will learn to work together as a team and to be able to move around safely onboard of a racing yacht. During the preparation stage we are going to define on which position on boat you are going to be (e.g. mastman, trimmer). Finally we will decide upon final setup on board and teach you how to do the most advanced maonouvers on the racing yacht which involve spinnaker handling

Sea survival and offshore safety course
Sea survival training is one of the requirement for all participating crews. There’s also a step that gives us more confidence about behaviour on the boat and help us feel safer when sailing on an open sea.

Practice voyage Kołobrzeg, Poland – Rostock, Germany
After getting familiar with the yacht and training on the Polish coast we will sail to the German port of Rostock. This voyage is a part of our crew mileage qualification for the race. During a 200 Mm cruise everyone will be assigned a position on the boat.  We will divide the crew into the watch system depending on the prevailing conditions.

RORC Channel Race
We will enjoy 2 days of training before the start of the race. We will be based in Cowes and train in the Solent. The Channel Race is a 150miles coastal offshore race that combines avery point of sailing. It requires a lot of navigational skills and flexibility from the crew.


Fastnet Race

Date: 3rd of August (Saturday)

Race course
The race starts off Cowes. Leaving the Solent through the Needles, the race follows the southern coastline of England westward to the English Channel, before rounding Land’s End. After crossing the Celtic Sea, the race rounds the Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland. On the return way the fleet round the Isles of Scilly before finishing in Plymouth

It is a historic place where yacht racing in the UK started. It is also here that the first America’s Cup was held in 1851.

Englisch Channel
The English Channel separates the UK and northern France and connects the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, strong currents, high tides and challenging winds all meet here.

Celtic Sea 
This is the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean between England and Ireland. It lies on the continental shelf, so it is very shallow and therefore it is very easy to build a high, steep waves during storms. It is here where south off coast of Ireland, that the rocky island of Fastnet Rock is situated.

Fastnet Campaign schedule

May/June                Sea Survival  & offshore safety course (Gdańsk)
11-14 July               
Practice voyage Kołobrzeg – Rostock (200 Mm)
25-28 July               
RORC Channel Race + 2 days of training 
2-9 August              
Regaty FASTNET + 1 day of training

Fastnet Race Programme
2 August
              Training in Cowes
3 August              Start of Fastnet Race
6-7 August           Finish in Plymouth
8 August              Prize giving ceremony in Plymouth


Costs of participation: 

Price:  € 4.999 EUR / 4.250 GBP


  • training and racing programme as outlined above,
  • professional skipper and crew,
  • food & drinks whilst training and racing,
  • all yacht/race costs,
  • personal accident insurance,
  • team gear – branded race shirt and jacket


  • travel to and from harbour/marina,
  • accomodation and meals onshore,
  • Sea Survival & offshore safety (not obligatory);


We invite You to join our crew – Race with us!


That’s a start of the Selma Racing team in Fastnet Race 2017.